The Bathing Suit Burden – Naked Wanderings

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Days in a row we have committed ourselves to roam the Sri Lankan coastline, beach after beach after beach, in search for that little piece of pristine paradise away from any temple or local’s eye, where we could finally be able to drop our pants and fully enjoy the sun. But we have to admit that our quest wasn’t such an amazing succes. Did that disappoint us? On one hand it certainly did, it would’ve been amazing if we could…


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‘Women’s Health’ Magazine Explores Global Nudity

'Women's Health' Explores Global Nudity

The publication surveyed 18,000 readers around the world to understand how women perceive body image, acceptance and confidence… This year, 14 of its 19 international editions participated in the special issue. It explores what it means to be naked — physically, mentally and emotionally.


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