Fête de l’Art de Vivre Nu 2017… Feast of the Art of Living Nude 2017

Fête de l'Art de Vivre Nu 2017

En 2017, du 3 au 5 juin, Imaginat programmait la 1ère édition de la Fête de l’Art de Vivre Nu, sous le thème « Découvrez…

In 2017, from the 3rd to the 5th of June, Imaginat was planning the 1st edition of the “Fête de l’Art de Vivre Nude”, under the theme “Discover …

Source: vimeo.com/270036695

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Being Naked Can Make You A Healthier, More Confident Person

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According to science the body seems to like being naked. A cursory review of the research aligns time spent in the nude with an increased sense of self-confidence and improved health… Whether you grew up in a “naked house” or still feel squeamish in the flesh even by yourself…

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I Tried Naked Yoga and Got Reacquainted with My Body

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“Our mats on the floor were laid out in a semicircle. For obvious reasons, you don’t want to sit behind someone when you’re doing yoga in the nude.” I moved to Berlin in April 2017 after a breakup. I used the change in environment as a chance to reflect on my inner self, and began trying new things in an attempt to, as some might say, “find myself.”

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