Extinction ? Not Quite Yet

CO2 good or bad ? The one gas essential for all life on earth is now universally termed a pollutant. Nuclear power is now classed as green energy? O’h I forgot debate is not allowed any more. I must burn those old science books and ask the search engine providers to algorithm out alternative science from results as fake news. Silly Me I am too late they thought of it first. It was even worse in the 1970’s when they told us were were heading for an ice age and electricity was in short supply in the hard winters. They said Nuclear power was deadly and would pollute the planet for 10’s of thousands of years so we needed to burn more coal instead. Yes they had us in fear then too. Wake up world question everything and your consciousness will rise. Agendas politics and science need clear boundaries for us to grow in understanding of the world we live in. If someone in power tells you there is no debate it means they can’t win one. The politics of fear must be ignored and understood for our consciousness to rise a level. The greening effect of CO2 is real and even recognised at NASA also know as Never a Straight Answer. Temperature rises do release CO2 from the oceans. Does CO’2 release increase air temperature ? A chicken an egg situation. I am more inclined to think the sun’s activity and changing distance from the earth which causes ice ages as the magnetic poles shift has some relevance to the peaks and troughs in out climate, Varying amounts of cosmic rays as the sun travels through the universe could also be important. The thousands of nuclear explosions below the pacific oceans in the 20th century may just have warmed the sea a bit too and melted some ice. Oh no it looks like three is a debate, Silly me we are not allowed one. Blame yourselves for impending doom not the governments. They will be happy then. Lets not keep protesting for the World Government Agendas and question more. Science can contain the mind our free it. The choice is yours,

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From a Follower on Facebook…

Hi! I’m David, in NJ…been practicing nudism moderately for 20 years. I want to share with you some information, about a great nudist organization which I experienced for the first time over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

They’re known as West Penn Naturist of Pittsburgh. Do search them out here on FB!

From September thru April, they host a series of indoor nude swim parties…each uniquely themed, held at the Olympic Swim And Health Club in East Pittsburgh.

They also host special meetups at White Thorn Lodge, a nudist campground and resort in Darlington, PA, north of Pittsburgh.

Do pass the information on! Great organization, if anyone’s visiting Pittsburgh on a weekend trip. Not to be missed! 🙂

From a Follower on Facebook...

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