Texas outlawed unsolicited nude pictures, legal experts call…

More than 40 percent of millennial women in the U. S. have reported receiving an unsolicited nude picture, according to a YouGov study. Kitty, who lives in San Antonio, said she has had to change phones and move to a new address because strangers keep sending her explicit photos she never asked for. “Every other day or so I would get a picture, I did not ask for it, it’s just morally degrading,” Kitty says. “I block them. That’s all you can do. You can report it and block it.

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From a Follower on Facebook…

Hi! I’m David, in NJ…been practicing nudism moderately for 20 years. I want to share with you some information, about a great nudist organization which I experienced for the first time over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

They’re known as West Penn Naturist of Pittsburgh. Do search them out here on FB!

From September thru April, they host a series of indoor nude swim parties…each uniquely themed, held at the Olympic Swim And Health Club in East Pittsburgh.

They also host special meetups at White Thorn Lodge, a nudist campground and resort in Darlington, PA, north of Pittsburgh.

Do pass the information on! Great organization, if anyone’s visiting Pittsburgh on a weekend trip. Not to be missed! 🙂

From a Follower on Facebook...

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