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⭐ My new Patreon site is now officially open ! ⭐ Come and engage with my personal vision of life and beauty as expressed in my photos over the years. It will be populated with Flickr viewers’ favourites and new, never previously published images. I am very excited about creating a community of enthusiasts to share my work and have stimulating discussions about photography, technique and art – and to enjoy interacting on a more personal basis than is possible on a fully public site. There is a special "early bird" half-price offer for my followers on Flickr who join at tier-1 in the first two months (August-September) – partly because the galleries will not be filled initially. I plan to publish one image per day and as they are not publicly visible they can be at higher resolution than ever before. For continuity I have tried to integrate it with my Flickr photostream so that favourite photos that have been archived will become visible to members in a special "Patrons’ Gallery" album, complete with all the individual comments that have previously been posted over the years. Please give feedback on suggestions for improvements or any problems requiring a fix. But first → follow this link ← to see what it is all about… ———————————————————————————————- This is the (previously unpublishes) full frame of the first out-door nude photo of my art student girlfriend Marie in 1970 at Broom Hill near her home in Tunbridge Wells. We had set off for a walk on a gloriously warm hazy late summer day (I have posted a snap taken a few minutes earlier) and on top of the hill we could see the countryside for miles in every direction. As it was obvious that we were completely alone I tentatively suggested that we could take an “Eve in the Garden of Eden” photo we had been discussing. She was evidently also inspired by the situation and readily agreed so we undressed and enjoyed the exhilarating freedom of running around naked-in-nature. Regrettably I was so caught up in the moment I only took 3 photos – but at least I have them to remind me of the wonderful day – and I think they do express that exciting sense of freedom. Tech. note: scanned 35mm Ektachrome slide. For this shot I used a daylight-to-tungsten colour conversion filter to enhance the summery feel but the effect was stronger than intended and when the processed slides returned (not till several months later as I lost the cassette) this one was relegated to the "technical failures" box. Finding it again many years later I have changed my mind about it and appreciate the rather surreal colour.

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From a Follower on Facebook…

Hi! I’m David, in NJ…been practicing nudism moderately for 20 years. I want to share with you some information, about a great nudist organization which I experienced for the first time over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

They’re known as West Penn Naturist of Pittsburgh. Do search them out here on FB!

From September thru April, they host a series of indoor nude swim parties…each uniquely themed, held at the Olympic Swim And Health Club in East Pittsburgh.

They also host special meetups at White Thorn Lodge, a nudist campground and resort in Darlington, PA, north of Pittsburgh.

Do pass the information on! Great organization, if anyone’s visiting Pittsburgh on a weekend trip. Not to be missed! 🙂

From a Follower on Facebook...

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