‘You’re Allowed To Be Naked Sometimes, But Not Other Times,’…

LOS ANGELES—Eschewing traditional topics such as thanking colleagues or speaking out about political issues, Brad Pitt delivered a baffling Oscars acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor Sunday explaining that you’re allowed to be naked sometimes, but not other times. “Sometimes you have no choice but to wear clothes, and sometimes it’s okay to take them off. It really just depends,” said Pitt in a six-minute speech to a fidgeting, uncomfortable audience who had grown silent and were nervously eyeing the exits as the orchestra began trying to play him off the stage. “There are occasions where being nude is actually preferable, like in the shower. Right now would be an inappropriate situation for being naked, but in a few hours, who knows. That said, there are situations where it’s a sort of dealer’s choice where you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to be naked.” At press time, the cast and crew who worked with Pitt on Once Upon A Time In Hollywood were tearing up and giving him a standing ovation.

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From a Follower on Facebook…

Hi! I’m David, in NJ…been practicing nudism moderately for 20 years. I want to share with you some information, about a great nudist organization which I experienced for the first time over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

They’re known as West Penn Naturist of Pittsburgh. Do search them out here on FB!

From September thru April, they host a series of indoor nude swim parties…each uniquely themed, held at the Olympic Swim And Health Club in East Pittsburgh.

They also host special meetups at White Thorn Lodge, a nudist campground and resort in Darlington, PA, north of Pittsburgh.

Do pass the information on! Great organization, if anyone’s visiting Pittsburgh on a weekend trip. Not to be missed! 🙂

From a Follower on Facebook...

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