Exclusive: Teacher Fired for Showing Pornographic Art; Media Tell Only Half the Story

Exclusive: Teacher Fired for Showing Pornographic Art; Media Tell Only Half the Story

Exclusive: Teacher Fired for Showing Pornographic Art; Media Tell Only Half the Story

The paper continues, Rueda knew the postcards “portrayed a wide variety of classic artworks, but he has since said he was not aware that three or four of the 100 pieces featured in the box showed nudity.” “Asked if he thought the nudes were appropriate for the sixth-graders in his class,” wrote the …

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Teacher, parents weigh in on nude-artwork incident

Lincoln Elementary School art teacher Mateo Rueda had no idea what was in store for his career when he wrapped up a lesson Dec. 4. According to Rueda, the two nudes accidentally accessed by students were an impressionist-era portrait by Italian painter and sculptor Amadeo Modigliani, titled “Iris Tree,” and a partial nude titled “Odalisque” by 18th-century Rococo-style artist Francois Boucher. Both can be found online with a simple …

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Teen charged with child pornography after texting her own nude selfie

She faces years in prison. A 14-year-old is facing felony charges for distributing child pornography after she sent a nude photo of herself to a classmate through Snapchat. According to the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota, the girl, identified only as “Jane Doe,” has been charged in Rice County, and she could face up …

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Florida Science Teacher Sent Nude Pics To 15-Year-Old Teen She Met On Xbox

A science teacher in Florida was arrested for sending nudes to a boy she met on Xbox One. According to Fox News, 27-year-old Robin Dunlap of Winter Haven knew that the 15-year-old was a teenager and still continued to exchange sexual conversations with him.

Source: www.oxygen.com/crime-time/florida-science-teacher-sent-nude-pics-to-15-year-old-teen-she-met-on-xbox

Longmont police notes: Child was posting nude pictures of herself

The Cyber Crimes Unit of the Longmont Police Department received a cyber tip Friday from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children regarding a juvenile female posting nude images of herself on the internet. The child was identified, her mother was notified and the case is closed.

Source: www.timescall.com/longmont-local-news/ci_31530623/longmont-police-notes-child-was-posting-nude-pictures

Life in Balance: What children are doing on their cell phones

Many parents have no clue what their children are doing on their cell phones. The big, local concern right now — students sharing nude pictures of themselves. “Kids sending nude photos is huge,” said Officer David Gomez, school resource officer, Meridian Police. Meridian Police Officer and SRO David Gomez sees it all the time. “Every week at the middle school we\’re dealing …

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