Would You Raise Your Kids In A Naked House?

The Country presenter’s wife has defended their decision to raise their children in a naked house where they talk openly about sex.

Editor: This is a good example of media distortion. At no point did they say their house is a clothes free zone as is implied above and in other media articles. They simply do not create drama around casual nudity if it happens at home.

Source: www.heart.co.uk/lifestyle/relationships/parenting/ben-fogle-kids-naked-bathtime-sex-talk/

China’s Meipai bans minors from live-streaming service

Meipai, China’s popular short video service operated by the Hong Kong-listed selfie touch-up app Meitu, has banned minors from using its live-streaming service following a scandal involving primary schoolchildren broadcasting nudity online. Meipai said in a statement on Wednesday that it “immediately…

Source: sg.news.yahoo.com/china-meipai-bans-minors-live-054045721.html