“It’s ridiculous:” Topless selfie could land West Allis high school students in legal trouble

WEST ALLIS — A nude selfie resulted in municipal citations for 14-year-old West Allis high school students. The girl involved is accused of sharing a photo of her bare chest with her boyfriend. They were cited for disorderly conduct, police said. Just days before winter break, a mother of a student at Nathan Hale High School says she received an alarming call from administrators.

Source: fox6now.com/2018/01/10/its-ridiculous-topless-selfie-could-land-west-allis-high-school-students-in-legal-trouble/

Case over nude photo of girl (14) may lead to an avalanche of claims

Social media giants are reviewing their operating policies and legal protections amid fears of a multi-million euro avalanche of damages claims. It comes after an action taken by a 14-year-old Northern Irish girl over a nude photo. The schoolgirl sued social media giant Facebook over the inclusion of the …

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Older teens more likely to ‘sext’ – survey

A survey has examined the extent of so-called \’sexting\’ among secondary school students in Ireland. 13% of secondary students admitted that they have sent nude or semi-nude photos or videos of themselves. The rate of sexting rises as the teenagers get older, for instance 4% of first year students said they had sent a \’sext\’ image, while 34% of sixth years said they had done it. Boys are twice as likely …

Source: www.rte.ie/news/ireland/2018/0110/932337-sexting-survey-schools/

Girls encounter higher levels of cyberbullying than boys, study finds

Zeeko’s digital trend report for 2016 found that girls are more cautious about online interaction with strangers

Zeeko’s digital trend report for 2016 found that girls are more cautious about online interaction with strangers

For instance, 24 per cent of males have sent a sexually suggestive message but only 12 per cent of girls have; for sending nude/semi-nude images of themselves, it\’s 17 per cent compared to nine per cent of females. And 18 per cent of boys have sexted a non-partner, while eight per cent of females …

Girls encounter higher levels of cyberbullying than boys, study finds

Maori Teens and Sexting in NZ

Digital Māori advocate Karaitiana Taiuru has independently analyzed Net Safe’s “Teens and sexting in New Zealand: Prevalence and attitudes\’ report to extract data about Māori teenagers to compare to non Māori teenagers data.

Secondly, Māori teens are also more likely to be sent unsolicited nude images than any other nationality. The report also highlights that a kaupapa Māori research methodology needs to be interwoven into a Māori based questionnaire on Māori teens and sexting to ascertain how vulnerable Māori …

Source: www.scoop.co.nz/stories/CU1801/S00039/maori-teens-and-sexting-in-nz.htm

Calgary Nude Recreation club sells out tickets for swim night, but petition wants event cancelled

Ron Schout, president of the Federation of Canadian Naturists, said groups in Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver have long held swim events at public facilities

“The suggestion that our events should be marketed as \’adult only\’ entertainment illustrates the disconnect between what people THINK social nudity is about versus what social nudity is ACTUALLY about,” it said. A spokesperson for the City of Calgary would not comment on the swim night, but said the …

Source: nationalpost.com/news/canada/naked-truth-calgary-naturist-group-blasted-for-public-pool-tradition

The nude pool party making waves in Canada

An online petition aims to halt an all-ages nude pool party on child safety grounds.

The event has been organised by a local naturist group, Calgary Nude Recreation. It has been advertised on the organisation\’s official Facebook page as well as on social media community site Meetup. It\’s listed as sold out and more than 180 people have indicated on social media that they plan to …

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Calgary’s nude family swim not a Canadian first, there are other clubs treading the trend

Although outrage spiked forcing the City of Calgary to double check the Calgary Nude Recreation\’s plans, swimming naked at public pools has been done before.

After a group calling themselves Calgary Nude Recreation caught the media spotlight in southern Alberta for their second ever nude and family-friendly swimming event to be held privately at Southland Leisure Centre, Metro took a dive into other clubs with the same mandates and practices and …

Source: www.metronews.ca/news/calgary/2018/01/09/calgary-s-nude-family-swim-not-a-canadian-first-there-are-other-clubs-treading-the-trend.html

Corbella: Don’t like nudist events? Stay away

Corbella: Don\'t like nudist events? Stay away

Corbella: Don\’t like nudist events? Stay away

“It\’s crazy to associate social nudity with criminality,” added Jeff, who is in his 30s. “Nobody would care in Vancouver. They\’d try to do a news story on naked people in Vancouver and everybody would shrug and say, \’That\’s not news.\’ That\’s what Calgary should be like,” he argued. As for the fear that …

City of Calgary cancels nudist swim at public pool due to security concerns

CALGARY – An escalating debate over a nudist swim at a public swimming pool has prompted the City of Calgary to cancel the event over concerns about security. “We’ve had a review completed by Calgary Police Service and corporate security that has led to these arising concerns,” James McLaughlin, acting director of Calgary Recreation, said …

He says city facilities have hosted naturist swims for years without incident and the cancellation was not due to the nature of the activity, but solely because of security. The Calgary Nude Recreation club had sold out tickets for a swim night on Sunday at the Southland Leisure Centre. The club described …

Source: www.660news.com/2018/01/11/city-of-calgary-cancels-nudist-swim-at-public-pool-due-to-security-concerns/