5 Places Across The World That Don’t Need You To Put On Clothes

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A New York gym chain, frequented by celebs such as Rihanna and Sandra Bullock, started naked gym sessions at the start of the year. And it’s not for titillation, as they say the benefits of working out naked include allowing your skin to breathe, better form and no cheating. The gym had a class for women, men and one mixed class.

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One day at Deep Creek Hot Springs – Naked Wanderings

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Remember that time when we made a video with the announcement that we were coming to America? The move from Asia to the USA was a really huge one for us and we just wanted to make a really big deal about it. We had never imagined though how many responses we would be getting. So many of you have sent us lists with their best tips, the best spots to get naked, the best tricks to dodge the cops…

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Review: DeAnza Springs Resort in Jacumba, California – Naked Wanderings

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Oh boy, how much would we have loved it if someone had said “How you doin’ cowboy” when we arrived at the DeAnza Springs Resort! This truly is the wild west. An open desert full with rocks, cactuses and coyotes and only the sound of the wind. Every moment we expected some tumbleweed passing by, or maybe a couple of cowboys or indians on a horse. This is the place you’ve seen in so many wild west movies…

Source: www.nakedwanderings.com/blog/2018/05/14/review-deanza-springs-resort-in-jacumba-california/?platform=hootsuite