Would Exercise Work Better if We Did It Naked?

There are nude bike rides, naked yoga sessions and even the occasional bare-it-all Crossfit sesh. Would our bodies be more efficient without clothes getting in the way? The ancient Greeks found nudity both practical and pleasant, and wore draped garments that could be thrown off within seconds if the need arose. They found that training for athletics while in the buff had its share of benefits, but historical evidence also suggests that students attended lectures without …

Source: health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/diet-fitness/exercise/naked-nude-exercise-better-efficient.htm

Nude Yoga Comes to Denver with Women-Only Class

Nude Yoga Comes to Denver with Women-Only Class

This October, social media was hit by a unique trend that had women across the country dropping their yoga pants for a more freeing exercise ensemble. The trend was naked yoga, originally started by the Instagram phenomenon known as Nude Yoga Girl. The 26-year-old anonymous social media star …

Source: 303magazine.com/2017/11/naked-yoga-nude-denver/