There is no age limit for living as a naturist

There is no age limit for living as a naturist. We are are born without clothing, and when we die, what does it matter? Unless science figures out a way for people to grow clothing from skin (eww!), everyone has the ability and right to be nude…

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The fact we are born without clothing should mean we have an inalienable right to continue to live that way. Sure, society demands we wear clothing in certain situations and for protection from nature, but at home or with people we love, respect, and support, is it really all that necessary?

Age shouldn’t be a deciding factor. At any age, we should be able to say “Today, is going to be a nude day” without fear of reproach or ridicule. Our bodies are a fact of life. They should be celebrated, not hidden away.

Our bodies will be with us for life. Lets be nude at any age.

Text by Made in the Nude. Photo posted by Vetusdesoleil

Photo retrieved from Naked Artist

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