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The A.N.ITA. – Italian Naturist Association – is a non-profit-making non-profit association of social promotion (APS). The purpose of the association is to spread the love for Nature and nudism, which constitutes an expression, exercised within the framework of the laws. We affirm that it is our right to be naked, possibly in reserved spaces, in order to enjoy the benefits deriving from the practice of social nudism.


Nude is our most normal, natural state.

Nude is our most normal, natural state. There is a grace to nudity – a quiet gentleness in our nakedness, a vulnerability that allows us to connect more easily – to nature, to ourselves, and to each other.

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Nudity as a taboo or stigma is an absurd distancing of ourselves from our very humanity. Our nude bodies deserve reverence, respect, and safety,

There is a certain violence and violation to disrespect the nude human body, to thrust upon it non-consensual, over-sexualized meanings and intents. A nude body is just a nude body. It doesn’t mean anything beyond that. Let the person tell you and show you who they are. Nakedness alone doesn’t tell you anything. Nudity is absolutely NOT implied intent or consent.

We all deserve to feel safe, comfortable, and happy in our own nude bodies without shame or fear.

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