Nudity is not hostile

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Hey Everybody! Auntie Kat here. Last time, I promised to share some suggestions about how to start making a push toward normalizing nudity and the natural, naked human body. We need to change the narrative of how nudity is talked about and considered in our social/cultural context.

I can remember a time when I thought “going commando” was a big deal. LOL (I need one of those emojis here where the tears are coming out while laughing). It’s funny, but it’s not. It makes me sad that as a young adult, I thought that not wearing underwear was risque. Little did I know that my future self would rarely wear underwear – and that being naked as often as possible would become a natural part of my life, no big deal at all.

I think one way to disrupt the narrative is to just start talking about it, openly and honestly. I mean, I know some people have to be careful about it because of their professions. But I don’t think that should be the case! I want a world where it’s safe to be who you are and to live how you choose as long as it isn’t hurting anyone. Do what you have to do to protect your life and well-being, but maybe try to incorporate some of these suggestions where you can into your life so that you don’t squelch your inner nudist:

1) Sleep nude. It’s good for you (read this!). It also helps you to start relaxing about nudity if you have any qualms at all. It allows you to get comfortable being naked in the privacy of your own bedroom.

2) Stay nude. If you’re in a situation where you can, maybe get dressed last. Walk around your house naked. Eat breakfast in the buff. Put off putting on clothes for as long as you can. Enjoy the freedom of your body moving without the restriction of clothing. If it’s cold where you are, maybe wear a big, comfy, warm robe that still allows you space for your body to feel free.

3) Talk about nudism with people that you feel safe sharing with. Create nudist community together with people who are interested and willing. It’s so relaxing to be able to be naked around people who won’t misconstrue your intentions.

4) Not sure how to start a conversation like that? How about leave some nudist magazines or books on your coffee table? Or like some nudist pages on FB or other social media – and maybe share some of their posts so that your friends can see that someone they know, someone “normal”, embraces the nudist lifestyle.

5) Join AANR, the American Association of Nude Recreation and stay informed about nudist issues and opportunities.

6) Visit nudist resorts and clubs. Go to nude beaches. Go on a nude cruise. Get together with friends and explore where you can enjoy nude recreation. Have dinner parties at each others’ houses.

There’s always so much more to say. This is an ongoing conversation. The current climate where nudity is seen as edgy, risque, titillating, etc. – it contributes to a culture of rape and sexual harassment. We need to normalize nudity to help heal the damage that has been done for so many years by demonizing, shaming, and sexualizing the naked human body. If nudity, particularly public/social nudity, were just a regular, natural, normal aspect of life, it would change ever

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