Events lineup poster for June 7 2019 WNBR Ride and block party.

According to the ride Facebook page. Here’s the Body Positive Block Party Lineup thus far! 4:00 Body Painting till 6pm 4:00 DJ Parts Per Million 5:00 Bobby Petite 5:45 Speech on bike safety by mountain bike champion & car impact survivor, Choach Nickerson 6:00 Naked Bike Ride orientation and embark! 6:45 Hot Wax (Vinyl DJ Set) 7:00 MC introduction 7:10 Hot Wax Continues 7:45 Speech on Fossil Fuel by a rep of 8:00 Speech on the Body, by Hanna Schell 8:15 Bird &Shooter 9:00 Smooth Kiwi Posted on Facebook May 29 for June 7th event. Also I’m posting it here.

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