Teen girl facing up to 10 years for sending nude selfie

Teen girl facing up to 10 years for sending nude selfie

As unnerving and concerning as it sounds, the fact is that teen sexting has become a grave issue not only for the parents but also for law enforcement authorities as they often find it difficult to deal with the situation in case something goes wrong. According to a recent survey from Cyberbullying Research …

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NUDE BEACHES: How Coast residents voted in poll

When asked if the Coast should have its own beach which allows visitors to strip down to their birthday suit, 75 percent of respondents believed it was a “good idea”. Respondents who were not in favour of the movement made up 15 per cent of votes while eight per cent simply “didn\’t care”.

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Book Review: How nudity and concealment can affect the body politic

In her new book Naked Or Covered, Mineke Schipper convincingly lays bare the commercial, social and political impact of nakedness on the contemporary world, writes Anshika Ravi. Naked or Covered: A History of Dressing and Undressing around the World. By Mineke Schipper. Publisher: Speaking …

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Sexting can lead to serious consequences

Sexting can lead to serious consequences

Sexting is sending sexually explicit photographs, images, text messages, or emails by using a cell phone or other mobile devices. Eight precent of 17-year-olds with cell phones have sent a sexually provocative image by text and 30 percent have received a nude or nearly nude …

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