Quinn Rockliff – every time I draw my body I’m reclaiming it.

My art practice is about nudity, self-love and female empowerment. My online project started after I began dating this guy in second year of university and when we broke up, he threatened to leak my nudes to my parents. I realized my own body could be used as a threat against me, and there was shame …

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‘Everyone will be NAKED’ World-famous Mentalist reveals why 2018 is year of NUDITY

A WORLD-FAMOUS Mentalist has revealed what’s in-store for the world in 2018 – and it involves lots of nudity.

He said: “I’ll tell you what’s going to happen next year – nudity. And I’m not saying occasionally nudity. “Yes, there will be restaurant nudity, bar nudity. And I’m not talking about nudist colonies – special places – I mean everywhere. “I’m talking about small towns, all over the western world – naked.”.

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Naked In America: The powerful real-life, compelling and controversial story documents the experiences of four average American couples as they shed their clothes and inhibition for a week at a luxury nudist resort. The catch? It’s their first time at a nudist resort! By capturing the reactions of this diverse group to the taboo-defying environment, we investigate in depth the American attitudes towards the naked human form and to each other, as they must learn to confront and overcome their fears and anxiety. The unprecedented “tell it like it is” Documentary gives a new voice and spirit to the maligned nudist community.

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The power of nudity: How exposing the naked body changed the world

No less than our ancestors, psychologists have understood the startling effect of exhibiting one’s genitals in public. In many ancient cultures, the phallus — the male member in erection — was publicly employed as a weapon in life-threatening situations. The act supposedly had a favourable effect on the …

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