Quinn Rockliff – every time I draw my body I’m reclaiming it.

My art practice is about nudity, self-love and female empowerment. My online project started after I began dating this guy in second year of university and when we broke up, he threatened to leak my nudes to my parents. I realized my own body could be used as a threat against me, and there was shame …

Source: nowtoronto.com/lifestyle/love-your-body/quinn-rockliff-visual-artist/

Nude Bravery

Body Positive ? nudebravery: ? i?ve had a rough time not really...

I’ve had a rough time not really loving myself, but coming to terms with the idea that the people i want to love me don’t. i’ve been hurt too many times in the last year because…

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Lim: Naked in Nagoya

I WENT to Nagoya last week to get naked with strangers. Now if you find this gross, stop now. Put the paper down. Close the window on your screen. But if you think this could be interesting, read on. We were ten in the group and we had a huge discussion about this before we even got on the plane to Nagoya. Can I wear a swimsuit? Can I wear a rash guard? You have to be naked for this one. I told them.

Source: www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/opinion/2018/02/10/lim-naked-nagoya-588339