Nude model who goes by ‘Wonderhussy’ among Nevada’s prolific explorers

Three dudes who recently got their toy hauler stuck near Big Dune in Southern Nevada probably didn\’t expect help to come in the form of an adventuring nude model. But that\’s exactly what happened after they wandered into the camp of Sarah Jane Woodall of Las Vegas who models, blogs and posts …


Aussie nude blogger hits back at skinny shamers

\’You do not have to be fat to be a victim of body shaming.\’ A nude blogger has hit out at body shamers saying that you don\’t have to be \’fat\’ to fall victim to online trolls. … Jessa O\’Brien, also known as The Nude Blogger, has written a poignant blog post about falling victim to body shamers, who slammed her for being too skinny online. “You do not have to …


Nudist Stuart Haywood bares all about where he keeps his mobile phone

Ask nudist Stuart Haywood why he never takes off his socks and the pensioner has a perfectly good explanation. “I need somewhere to keep my mobile phone … Since becoming a self-confessed nudist, Stuart has been featured in local press and national magazines.  He likes to get naked and enjoy nature walks at a secret garden in Derbyshire


Freedom from fear

Not all of it was nude photography as erotica, she said. Some photos captured the essence of certain body parts and their shapes, which sparked inspiration in her. “What if I can do something with my body and not only showcase the artwork I have on myself, but that your body can be your own piece of …


My consent and I: Why expressing my sexuality isn’t an invitation

My consent and I: Why expressing my sexuality isn\’t an invitation

Unfortunately, due to the nature of my work, the lines between professionalism, nudity, sex, and consent can be very blurred, and I\’ve found myself in some very dangerous, and uncomfortable situations. I recently wrote a memoir about my experiences of sexual assault and harassment by gay men. “If someone chooses to exploit me, and their position of power to gain sexual gratification, then that’s their demon, but I’ll never allow it to possess me.”


Woman Shuts Everyone Sharing The Slut Shaming Meme By Telling Story Of Great-Great …

Woman Shuts Everyone Sharing The Slut Shaming Meme By Revealing Awesome Story Of Her Great-Great-Grandmother

One author and illustrator shut everyone going on about the slut-shaming meme with the incredible story of her great-great-grandmother.