‘Why are people so mad at girls who are okay with themselves?’: Woman who proudly shares …

Woman posts impresive photos doing yoga NAKED on Instagram

A North Carolina woman isn\’t afraid to bare it all on social media while doing elaborate yoga poses, something she says its not about sexuality. Kirsty Tavolacci, 21, has more than 30k followers as @tiny.kirsty on Instagram, and says she posts the pictures to let everyone know they\’re beautiful in their natural state.

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Join the nude selfie revolution

Join the nude selfie revolution

LAST week, my iPhone camera needed fixing. To diagnose the problem the Apple employee had to go into my photo gallery. Snatching the phone back to make important deletions first, I asked: ‘Does everyone have stuff to hide on their phones?’ ‘Like nudes?’ came the reply. ‘Oh my God. Every phone that comes in, and… View Article

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What it’s like to compete in Miss Nude World

Miss Nude World contestant spills all

MISS Nude World contestant Isabelle Deltore is beautiful, blonde and has double D breasts. But her biggest worry is appearing too masculine. IT’S Friday afternoon and Isabelle Deltore is freaking out. She’s been planning her routine for weeks: Costumes, choreography, music.

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