2017 Year in Review: Public Protector rules against nude beach

… not know how a decision on the proposed nude beach could be made public without notifying them first. The decision to make beachgoers cover up was welcomed by the Concerned Citizens Group. Naturists said they would draft a new application to have the part of the beach declared nudist friendly.

Source: www.ecr.co.za/news/news/2017-year-review-public-protector-rules-against-nude-beach/

Katikati Naturist Park owner Tom Carrigan talks naturism movement in New Zealand

Communal or social nudity, or “naturism”, is a growing movement in New Zealand\’s very own backyard. Katikati Naturist Park owner Tom Carrigan joins Summer Afternoon Talk to discuss his park\’s role in encouraging the naturism community in New Zealand. “You\’re at one with the world,” Mr Carrigan …

Source: www.radiolive.co.nz/home/audio/2017/12/katikati-naturist-park-owner-tom-carrigan-talks-naturism-movemen.html

This Belgian Beauty Got Naked in the Congo to Raise Awareness for Disappearing Wildlife

At the start of 2017, Belgian wildlife champion and occasional nude model Marisa Papen fought beach and ocean pollution with her NSFW #PlanetSushi calendar. (Photo: Uwe Ommer/Marisa Papen). A year later, Papen returns with a new mission… and more of her trademark bottom-baring bravado.

Source: www.maxim.com/women/marisa-papen-plastic-planet-calendar-2017-12