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I was looking through some pictures of beautiful places yesterday – places that I’d like to visit, spend some time – and I had this awareness of the difference in how I look at these places now – and how I used to look at them.

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Once upon a time, I looked at beautiful, luxurious places and thought that one day I would be “attractive” enough to go there. Back then, I “knew” that my fat, imperfect body didn’t fit in there. I wasn’t a “beautiful enough” person for such a beautiful place. So, I would daydream about one day having the improved body and enough money to have a certain wardrobe (for my finally slender body) that would allow me the right to be there. I just really couldn’t picture myself there otherwise.

Yesterday, I looked at those places – looked at this one place with fancy lounge chairs that were actually IN the swimming pool – and I could picture myself there, enjoying the amenities – in my still fat, still imperfect, wonderfully alive, fully human body. That disconnect was no longer there. I had this distant awareness of how I once used to feel – but I didn’t feel that at all anymore. I just thought, that would be fun … I’d like to experience that.

I attribute this shift in me to nudism. Not just to nudism, but to spending a lot of time at Cypress Cove Resort, one of the most beautiful nudist resorts in the world. It’s gotten me used to being accepted as I am, to being welcomed just as I am, to being comfortable in my body, THIS body, without changing a thing. Because I’ve experienced one of the most beautiful places in the world day after day – and felt totally comfortable and free whether clothed or naked, I now have a sense of myself as a person who can enjoy such things – and who deserves to enjoy such things!

It seems silly to me now that I ever bought into denying myself anything until I was “good enough.” The whole diet culture our society lives in disempowers girls/women (and increasingly, boys/men too) so ineffably much and does so much damage, limiting our lives in countless ways. When people break free of that, when we learn to love and accept ourselves as we are – our lives become filled with possibilities! Some that we’d never even imagined for ourselves!

If you’ve ever felt like you’d like to try nudism or you’d like to visit a beautiful resort, but your self-confidence is a bit shaky or you don’t feel like you’re “beautiful enough” to enjoy nude recreation and social nudism – let me just tell you that Cypress Cove is a great place for you to visit and begin claiming your power back – and asserting, even to yourself, that you deserve all of the good that life has to offer.

You can check it out here. There are many family friendly resorts around the country that you can find through the American Association of Nude Recreation – look here. And there are even more nudist places around the world. Take some time to explore and see where you may like to visit!

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