Zoe Nudity

Zoe Nudity

The tribe Zo\’é shows his way of life and their perception of the world. We will know the identity of this isolated village through their daily actions, we will see how …

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Naked Girls Reading to Bring ‘QUEERLY BELOVED’ to Alexander Upstairs

Cape Town Fringe Turns the Page to Naked Girls Reading QUEERLY BELOVED at Alexander Upstairs

Performance Art sensation Naked Girls Reading will present QUEERLY BELOVED at the Alexander Upstairs Theatre as a part of the Cape Town Fringe. Directed by Kelly Smith, the 75-minute show will feature Charlie French, Cherry Lesque, Lyricnotic and Velvet Ni delivering queer-themed readings in a production dedicated to queer authors and LGBTQI stories.

Source: www.broadwayworld.com/south-africa/article/Naked-Girls-Reading-to-Bring-QUEERLY-BELOVED-to-Alexander-Upstairs-20170915

A couple’s nude photo shoot about body positivity has gone viral. Here’s why

Shedding clothes and inhibitions: Couple’s viral photoshoot spreads body positivity

A Texas-based couple Stephanie and Arryn, who are engaged to be married, stripped off not just their clothes but also their inhibitions for a boudoir photo shoot emphasising the…

Source: www.hindustantimes.com/more-lifestyle/a-couple-s-nude-photo-shoot-about-body-positivity-has-gone-viral-here-s-why/story-sEp5AjvdiGGhI88AKsY66M.html

Calls for Bill Henson’s art exhibition in Perth to be closed over naked photos of those ‘clearly’ under …

WA art exhibition likened to child pornography

WA Opposition has called for the Bill Henson exhibition to be closed. “The exhibition features mild nudity, landscapes and images of monuments in museums,” she said. “A content advisory notice concerning nudity is in …

Source: thewest.com.au/news/perth/calls-for-bill-hensons-art-exhibition-in-perth-to-be-closed-over-naked-photos-of-those-clearly-under-age-ng-b88605286z