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Feel Free! Enjoy the Freedom of Naturism! WHAT IS NATURISM? Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of (communal) nudity with the intention of encouraging…

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Phuan Naturist Village near Pattaya, Thailand

Directory of Naturist Resorts in the Western Region

In a side road of the main motorway between Pattaya City and Sattahip you will find the Phoenix Golf Club… Well, that’s pretty interesting if you’re into playing golf, but for us this was only the sign to look at the other side of the road because according to our map this was where we should find Phuan Naturist Village, the latest addition to the growing list of resorts affiliated with Naturist Association Thailand. And indeed, we saw the roof… Read More Read More

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France has about 460 places reserved for nudist’s enjoyment

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In a move that can be characterized as at least original, a wellness center in Paris invites nudists to participate in a range of sports such as yoga, aerobics in the water and swimming, with the instructors being  naked as participants. These nudity sessions have been launched by the Paris …

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