When Should Your Kids Stop Seeing You Naked?

When Should Your Kids Stop Seeing You Naked?

When you’re a parent of young children, it’s not a matter of if they will see you naked, but how many times it will happen in a day. My four-year-old daughter has always skittered in and out of my bathroom as she pleases. If I’m on the toilet, she might decide it’s a good time to stand on her step stool and put on a one-girl-production of Annie. If I’m in the shower, she’ll beg please, please, please, mama, can you press your butt against the glass door again? And then she’ll giggle maniacally every single time.

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29 The Naked Truth

29 The Naked Truth | Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase! on acast

Episode 29 I record all types of stories and then I try to find a theme for an episode.  Strangely enough a common thread seemed to be stories with people in various stages of undress? So among the underwear and naked stories we hear my own most embarrassing moment and at the end of the episode we hear about a really famous lady in her underwear on the airplane! Music by www.podsafemusic.com  “Betty” by The Lavcivious Biddies

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